• Cesium potassium fir

    Cesium potassium flameproof glass not only have excellent fire prevention function, but also on the strength of a better

  • Cesium potassium gla

    New type of environmental protection glass fire proof liquid, simple operation, the cost of the industry is the lowest,

  • Cesium potassium fir

    Cesium potassium fireproof fluidMonolithic high strength liquid fire is one of the main products of the company, the pro

  • Cesium potassium fir

    Purpose: To improve the fireproof performance of various kinds of building decorative steel glass, suitable for single-p

  • Single high strength

    One of the company's flagship products is a single piece of high-strength fireproof liquid. The product is highly pa


about company


Founded in 1998, Beijing Huacheng Yaoqiang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is a group company covering science, industry and trade. The Company has been dedicated to advanced monolithic fire resistance glass; thermal insulation composite fire resistance glass, nano-silica fire resistance glass etc technical service project and certification and testing of domestic and foreign products etc services for many years. 



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Horizontal flat usually two-way bending glass tempering furnace process arrangement is flat, curved reinforcement grid wind, which located in the two ends of the heating furnace. In the production of bend glass, glass from the table after flat tempered period into the round, in the heating furnace heating, after reaching a certain temperature, quickly into the curved section of the orbital forming, strengthening


our product series

  • Cesium potassium liquid fireDetails

    Cesium potassium liquid fire
    The fire prevention function is outstanding, and better in strength. Quality inspection by the state ministry of public security fire testing center identification: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm flameproof glass under the high temperature of 1000 degrees, 120 minutes without A break, to achieve A level standard. 15 mm and 19 mm 90 minutes later, due to the weight of the glass plate. Full compliance with national standards
  • Fire glassDetails

    Fire glass
    Flameproof glass is by physical and chemical methods of ordinary glass for special treatment, in order to improve thermal shock resistance of glass, can ensure the flame shock in 45-90 minutes and didn't burst under high temperature, to prevent the spread of flame across the glass so that the purpose of the fire, make people have enough time to evacuate the scene, fire fighting and disaster relief.
  • Low-e glassDetails

    Low-e glass
    Low-e glass is also called Low radiation glass, is on the glass surface plating film system composed of multi-layer metal or other compounds. Has high to visible light through the coating layer and the high cosco infrared reflection characteristics, make its compared with ordinary glass and traditional building coating glass, excellent heat insulation effect and good pervious to light quality.
  • Bullet-proof glassDetails

    Bullet-proof glass
    Bulletproof glass is made of glass or organic glass) and high quality engineering plastic through special processing of a kind of compound material, it is usually transparent material, such as PVB/polycarbonate fiber thermoplastic (generally do show resin lexan pcresin). It has the appearance of the common glass and the behavior of the transmitted light, provide some protection to small arms fire.
  • Laminated glassDetails

    Laminated glass
    Laminated glass is also called the laminated glass is made up of two or more pieces of glass, sandwiched between a layer or multilayer organic polymer membrane, specially the high temperature of preloading vacuum (or shaft) and after high temperature and high pressure, made of glass and middle membrane permanent adhesive for the integration of composite glass products.
  • Toughened glassDetails

    Toughened glass
    Toughened glass belong to safety glass. Toughened glass is glass of a kind of prestressing force actually, to enhance the strength of the glass, use the method of chemistry or physics normally, form in vitreous surface press stress, glass bears offset above all when outside force surface layer stress, so as to improve the bearing capacity, enhance the wind resistance glass itself, through sex, impact, etc.
  • Colored glaze glassDetails

    Colored glaze glass
    Colored glaze glass is inorganic glaze (also known as ink), printing to the glass surface, and then by drying, steel or hot processing, the glaze permanent sintering in the glass surface and get a kind of wear-resisting, resistance to acid and alkali of decorative glass products. This product has a high functional and decorative. It has many different colors and patterns, such as strip, mesh and the electric design and so on.
  • Solar glassDetails

    Solar glass
    Solar photovoltaic (pv) from low iron glass, solar cell, film, on the back of the glass, special metal wire, etc, it is the solar cell by film sealed on the back of a low iron glass and a piece of glass in the middle of the, is one of the most innovative building high-tech glass products. With low iron glass cover on the solar cell, in order to ensure that more light transmittance, to produce more electricity.

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